Hello, I am Mirela Marinescu the founder and creator of the Karina Skin Care line of products established in 1998. My journey began thirty years ago when I started following my American dream and worked hard to build a solid clientele and make a difference in the appearance of their skin. I was totally in love with the esthetic profession and I was using many different skin care lines. Seven different skin care lines to be precise. Each line contained a couple of products that worked well, but not one skin care line fully delivered the results I was looking to achieve. I tried everything on the market but got overwhelmed having full shelves of inventory that I did not know what to do with. That is when I decided to start my own skin care line. At the time the AHA, BHA and the retinoids were the new kids on the block, revolutionary, results oriented and that was extremely exciting for me. These products were making a huge impact in the skin care industry and changing my client's skin for the best, but they needed hydrators and protectors to complete them and enhance their performance. With this holistic approach in mind I started to diligently work to develop the Karina Skin Care line. I chose the name of my daughter for good luck. A few years later my daughter came on board, we joined forces and the mother/daughter team was formed. The line grew organically and every year it evolved as technology in skin care advanced. As new ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid came on the market, I included them in wonderful formulations of unique products to the Karina Skin Care line and also retired some in order to make the line, results oriented, with a strong focus on anti-aging and adult acne.

We are happy to say,  the Karina Skin Care line is now complete. It has everything needed to give results and preserve the health and beauty of your skin. I am so excited for the new developments in skin care and for the opportunity to share them with you through the Karina Skin Care line.

The meaning of the Icons

There are three beautiful icons printed on our packaging to allow for easy identification of the skin type best suited for that product. The ROSE for sensitive skin, the SUNFLOWER for oily skin and the CACTUS for dry skin. Designed to take the guess work out of choosing the best product for your skin type. 

Love your skin!